Why Use Beard Oil?

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Whether you’ve been sporting a beard for years now or are just picking up on this latest trend in facial hair, then you’ll soon become familiar with beard oil and it’s many uses. While strictly speaking it’s by no means essential, it most certainly does have a tone of positive benefits that you, your beard, and quite possibly the significant other in your life, are really going to appreciate.

If you’ve not yet tried beard oil, then seriously, you really don’t know what you are missing! Everywhere you look these days there’s a new brand bringing out a sophisticated man’s grooming range with a beard oil very much a part of that product line-up. So just in case you are wondering why you should use a beard oil, we’re going to answer that question for you below with what we believe are some worthy reasons.

Is beard oil essential?

As we said earlier, essential, probably not, highly recommended, you bet your bottom dollar it is. We’re guessing you made it onto our little corner of the internet because you either have a beard, are growing a beard or maybe even have a bearded man in your life who could do with some maintenance tips!

Maintenance is precisely the word we’re looking for as it goes. Beard oil is most definitely an excellent product for maintaining the softness and luster of your beard. After all, we’re guessing you don’t want to look like Grizzly Adams, but more like a trendy well-kept hipster!

Just like many women swear by a good hydrating serum to keep their crowning glory in check and looking it’s absolute best, give your facial hair the same level of care and attention, and it will reward you back.

Let’s look at the top reasons to use a beard oil.

First up it’s going to help make your beard so much softer, and that is a good thing, right? Both for you and for anyone you kiss! Beards can be a great accessory, defining and giving real character and even gravitas to a face.

Being able to grow a beard is also an actual rite of passage and a serious accomplishment. However, all that facial hair does change the way your body reacts, and hair can wick moisture away from the body which causes dryness and can also lead to pesky and unwanted dandruff.

If you use a beard oil regularly, you’ll help to minimize this adverse condition by keeping your hair soft and smooth rather than rough and scratchy to the touch. Quite frankly, no-one likes a rough beard so use a good premium quality beard oil to ensure your kids want to give you a kiss goodnight and don’t go running for the hills in fright!

Soft and shiny and supremely touchable!

Ok, so we just talked about the importance of a soft beard, and at the risk of making you sound like a hound, we also think it’s essential that your beard is shiny too and that’s where a beard oil can additionally come into its own. Again, many women use a shine tonic on their hair to reflect the light and ensure it looks glossy, healthy and eminently touchable and guys, you need to be doing the same with your beard.

You don’t want a straggly eyesore for a beard. You want a nicely trimmed, soft and downy, shiny beard that looks healthy and attractive and inviting to the touch. Beards are meant to be stroked, otherwise really what’s the point! So grab yourself some beard oil and shine baby, shine.

Worried that a beard oil might be challenging to use?

Wrong! It really is the simplest and most straightforward of grooming products to apply, and once you incorporate it into your daily routine, you’ll never look back. You’ll definitely be left wondering why you never converted to using beard oil before now. Don’t be put off by thinking that it’s vain or something that is going to take up valuable time that you just don’t have on a morning.

It seriously takes no time at all, and if you make it routine, like brushing your teeth, your beard will soon reap the rewards and the people around you will notice that you look better but possibly can’t put their finger on the reason why! It’s subtle.

It’s not like you’ve suddenly started wearing guy-liner or anything. It’s just those little extra grooming touches that actually show you are a real man and one who very much cares about his appearance and making a great impression. Beard oil can help you do just that.

All you need to do is take a dime sized amount of beard oil and rub it onto the skin and through your facial hair. It’s no more time consuming or difficult than applying a moisturizer. Now please don’t tell us that you never use a moisturizer! If not, you’d best add that to your essential grooming products list too.

Beard oil helps to reduce overall dryness.

We live in a world of central heating, air conditioning, not to mention harsh environmental factors, and our skin and hair takes a punishing from all these external factors every day. Most beard oils have been specially and uniquely formulated to help counteract these rigors and to restore skin’s natural balance and hydration. If your skin is less dry and flaky and looks and feels more hydrated, then your facial hair will be too.

Improving the overall strength and texture of your beard itself

A beard oil can also significantly help support and nourish a beard, ensuring that it is well maintained. As anyone will know who’s tried to grow one before, the secret to having a healthy and well-groomed beard is to trim, shape, and maintain it, and if you adopt the good practice of regularly using a beard oil your hair will grow stronger and healthier and just generally contribute to making you look dashingly handsome!!

All that and you will smell great too!

If we’ve not yet provided you with enough reasons as to why use a beard oil then on a final parting note, you are going to smell just divine! Depending of course on which beard oil you purchase, chances are that it will have a lovely refreshing and light, uplifting scent.

So add a beard oil into your daily cosmetic routine, and you certainly won’t look back. Just be warned, you might have random strangers wanting to stroke your face, but that’s a good problem to have right?

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