When to Apply Beard Oil

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A healthy beard speaks volumes about a man’s character. While an unkempt beard can make you look wayward, a well-groomed one can turn you into an alpha male. How you maintain a beard determines a lot about its condition, texture and how long it will grow. Whether you are passionate about growing a nice beard or you are just too lazy to shave, you need to take care of that extra hair growing on your face. Don’t forget, proper beard care is a must!

If you thought keeping a beard means you are free from the hassle of shaving every day then you are wrong. To keep that extra hair growth healthy and shiny, you need to take good care of it. By good care, we mean moisturizing it every day with a premium beard oil to ensure that the skin stays supple and the hair feels soft.

Beard oil typically contains a unique blend of essential oils that helps in conditioning the skin and hair. It nourishes the hair roots and follicles to ensure that each strand is healthy and luscious. The skin beneath the beard is extremely sensitive and prone to skin infections. Beard oil not only moisturizes the skin, but prevents bacterial infection, split ends, flakiness, and so on.

When to Apply Beard Oil for Best Results?

An important question asked by most bearded men is – when should you apply beard oil for the best results? While more is good, it is important that you don’t overdo it.

Whether you already have a nice thick beard or you are just starting to grow one, it is important that you moisturize that area with a quality beard oil. The best time to apply the oil is in the morning after a nice shower or bath with lukewarm water. This will open the skin pores making it ideal for the skin to absorb the beard oil.

When you apply it in the morning you can ensure that you will have a smooth beard and happy skin throughout the day, not to mention, you will make heads turn wherever you go. After all, who doesn’t like a well-groomed man with beard?

Some people also like to apply a few drops of beard oil at night before going to the bed. So, if you have been outdoors all day, it makes sense to gently cleanse your face to remove the dirt and moisturize the beard with oil to let it work overnight to repair the damages brought about by environmental stress.

If you want your beard hair to grow faster, apply the oil daily on your chin, cheeks, and beard. Men who moisturize that extra facial hair have experienced better beard growth than those who don’t.

If you have a fungal or bacterial infection then we would recommend that you apply the oil at least 3 times a day for a few weeks or until the skin improves.

The hot summer sun can do a lot of harm to not only your skin but also your beard. So, we recommend that you use a beard oil that contains sunscreen to protect your hair and skin from UV rays. Apply argan oil as a natural sunscreen on your beard before stepping out in the sun.

If you are worried about the premature graying of hair in your beard then apply essential oils like almond oil, grapeseed extract oils, coconut oil and sesame seed oil. Apply it every day for best results. While it may not be able to reverse the already grayed hair, it can certainly protect and prevent other parts of the hair from graying. You may also consider eating a diet of fish, walnuts, lean protein, fruits and vegetables to prevent the premature graying of beard.


Whether your beard feels dry, dull or it has been growing thinner, you need to start applying beard oil right away. So, if you are thinking when to apply beard oil, the answer is today. Apply it at least two times a day, after shower and before going to the bed. If your beard is too flaky or the skin beneath it has a bacterial infection, then you may need to apply more frequently. There’s nothing like a lustrous, healthy and soft beard on a man’s face. It can define the look and make you a showstopper wherever you go!

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