What is the Purpose of Beard Oil?

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Beard oil is the perfect blend of essential oils and can easily bring an unbelievably good look to your beard. Bearded men may consider it to be one of their most valuable possessions, as they don’t really have to worry about their look before going out.

As the bearded look becomes more popular in the western world, the use of this oil is keeping pace. However, one must be well-informed about this cosmetic product before using it on a regular basis.

What is a Beard Oil?

With no specific set of ingredients, beard oil is made by mixing different essential oils and carrier oils. The basic purpose of applying beard is to provide nutrients and moisture to the beard as well as the skin beneath it.

Usually, it contains coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and a number of other essential oils which will improve the texture and appearance of your facial hair. It must become a part of your daily regimen – similar to using shampoo, soap, and deodorant.

Beard oil can actually prove to be a game changer when it comes to refining the overall look of your beard. Instead of getting such a look which gives the impression that you forgot to shave for the past several months, beard oil will give your beard a very pleasant and neat appearance.

Purposes Served by Beard Oil

Moisturizing Itchy and Dry Skin

Beard oil is made from ingredients which are anti-inflammatory in nature, especially coconut oil and jojoba oil. The moisturizing properties of these oils combine to create the ultimate solution for the dry and irritated skin beneath the beard. It nourishes the hair follicles and helps in getting rid of the itch. Also, it stimulates the circulation of blood to the surface of your face. There are sebaceous glands in the follicles of beard hair, and as your beard grows, the oil – sebum – released from these glands is not enough to keep the skin moisturized. Beard oil becomes a necessity in such a situation.

Patchy Beards

Have you been trying to grow a beard for quite some time but noticed some bald spots on your face? There are certain areas where the hair doesn’t grow, and this is the last thing which a beard enthusiast would want. While genetics are to blame for this issue, a patchy beard can also be the result of dandruff, dry skin, or a specific skin condition and will become less patchy with the consistent use of beard oil.


Clogging of the hair follicles is a major cause of acne in men. The inflammation and blocked pores can be treated with the help of beard oil, which goes deep into the follicle and clears the blockage. The fantastic anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the essential oils in it not only clear out the infections, but also curb inflammation and redness. The skin under your beard is left cleansed and moisturized, and the beard oil neither interferes with sebum production nor clogs the pores.

Controlling Dandruff

Dandruff on the beard is commonly referred to as “Beardruff,” and it usually happens in cases of severe itching when dry flakes peel off of your skin. Instead of being embarrassed because of the white flakes on your shoulder, it is a convenient option to start using beard oil. Always keep in mind that the beard hair is very different from the hair on your head, so don’t use the same products. The hair follicles of beard hair are different, so never make the mistake of using products designed for your scalp on your face.

Styling a Long Beard

If you don’t take care of your beard, the scruffy hair will be sticking out from the sides. Beard oil helps in making the beard soft and supple so that it can easily be managed on a daily basis. The harsh chemicals in mainstream products are actually harmful to your facial skin and hair follicles, whereas beard oil will make sure that no harm is done to them. Beard oil is the perfect alternative to the substandard styling gels which contain chemicals and parabens.


How good one will feel about himself when he steps out of the house with a clean, well-styled beard having a woody or musky fragrance? A good smelling beard gives you a more confident personality with which you are ready to take on the world. This smell is a combination of the difference scents coming from the powerful essential oils, so you are bound to feel fresh and clean after using beard oil.

Overly Sensitive Skin

If you have a beard, it is always a major concern to use the most appropriate products which will not react to your skin. People who have sensitive skin should never use hot water on their beard, as it can irritate and increase the dryness of the skin. Secondly, staying away from harsh shampoos is very important because your facial skin is very different from that of the scalp.  Beard oil is the best solution in such a situation, because it will only nourish the sensitive skin.

Amazing Confidence

The beard will actually change your entire style because now, you will be picking different kinds of clothing and accessories that will match your personality. Always remember that beards which are not well-groomed always fetch negative reactions from the people around you. So to hike your confidence, you need a well-styled beard which doesn’t give a rough look. Proper grooming and a well-defined beard regimen are both absolutely necessary to be happy with your look, and only natural beard oil can help you with this.

In conclusion, beard oil carries some ground-breaking benefits and is actually a necessity for those who want to sport clean and stylish beards. Not only will it help you with keeping your skin fresh, but it will also give you a neat look.

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