What Is Beard Oil Used For?

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Beards come in all shapes and sizes, and looking after them can be the easiest task in the world – or the worst. When it comes to your beard, you will want it to be in the best condition it can possibly be, and so beard grooming is an important routine that will determine the final outcome of the beard.

The products you use will have an impact on the final look and condition of your facial hair, and that’s why it’s important to learn what works for you.

Beard oil is a product which many men have added to their grooming routines over the past few years, and who will now never be without it. Beard oil is generally used to improve the overall quality of the beard, in terms of moisture, condition and strength of the hair.

It is also used to decrease the itchiness after shaving as well as act as a barrier towards minor skin infections. Beard oil is usually made using the finest, natural ingredients which are skin friendly, and so many people enjoy using it for its smooth rewards, whereas others wear it for its protection abilities alone.

In this article, we look at what is beard oil used for and benefits in slightly more detail, so that you can be clearer when it comes to deciding whether it’s a good product for you.

To Improve Hair Health

Just like plants need water to survive, beards need a little TLC to grow to a healthy, optimum condition. A lot of beard oils, especially ones with natural formulas, come packed with natural ingredients featuring lots of vitamins and nutrients.

Applying these types of natural oils frequently will allow the hairs to become smoother and more manageable over time, rather than not applying anything at all which would leave a beard to go wild!

The oils allow for easier styling and some even come with deep conditioning nutrients that can work root to tip, strengthening the hair and giving it less of a wiry appearance. Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in many beard oils which feels soft and makes any beard instantly feel smoother and looked after.

To Protect Skin

Many people naturally suffer from skin conditions on their face and even under their beards. This includes problems such as rosacea, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. These types of skin issues can often be difficult to treat when growing a beard, and having a solution to keep it at bay is definitely a good thing.

Beard oils are 100% recommended by professional barbers and skin specialists to use in order to better protect skin. In this case, the more natural the oil the better, as oils including alcohol will definitely burn sensitive areas and do a lot more bad than good.

Beard oils that include a mix of vitamins and zero alcohol can definitely help to combat skin issues, and at least keep skin clean between shavings. Unscented oils are also beneficial as they contain fewer harmful parabens which are less likely to affect the skin.

Dry skin and the classic beard itch which men experience after shaving can be eliminated through the use of beard oil. This is due to anti-inflammatory oils which are used in making beard products, like jojoba and coconut oil which help relieve this altogether.

Inflammatory issues can often weaken beard hair, making it appear wiry and unhealthy looking in comparison to a normal, voluminous beard. That is why beard oil is great to use as it improves the skin quality first so that the hair can grow in the best condition possible.

To Moisturize and Condition

No one likes a dry beard and having something to keep it looking sharp and on point is definitely a good thing. Beard oil makes hair shiny, strong, and smooth thanks to its healthy ingredients and nutrients. When used regularly, it can begin to improve hair follicles so that after regrowth occurs, the hair will be in a much healthier state than it was previously.

There is a lot of debate as to whether beard oil is effective as it can often be difficult to determine the increased health condition of both hair and skin, especially when it’s covered in hair.

Nevertheless, depending on the ingredients and application, it can certainly help improve skin issues, reduce inflammation, and decrease the level of infection, all which can impact the growth and final appearance of a beard.

How Do You Use Beard Oil?

So how do you apply it? It’s not exactly rocket science as beard oil is pretty simple to use and easy to apply. It is recommended to apply at least once a day, preferably after a warm shower.

Taking a small drop of oil, simply rub it into the palms of the hand and start by running your fingers along both sides of the beard before running them up through the bottom of the beard. A small dab can be applied to a moustache as well. After this, take a comb and gently comb through the entire beard until the hairs are fully coated.

Repeating this process once a day will definitely provide quick results! Also, when applying beard oil, a little goes a long way, in order to avoid any greasy sensations on the beard.

Final Verdict

All in all, beard oils are definitely a good extra to add to your grooming routine. If you have a wild beard that tends to do what it wants and needs a little taming now and then, beard oil may help to get it back under control by nourishing the hairs and making them a lot healthier and easier to deal with in future.

Also, if you suffer from any skin conditions such as acne, try finding a special natural oil, or a medicated one which will be suited to treating the skin. If you haven’t yet tried using beard oil, it would be recommended to give it a shot and see just how much it can improve your beard!

Let’s face the facts: Growing and maintaining a kick-ass beard is one sure way to build your confidence and at the same time attract more women. A beard that is well-groomed and smells good should be part of your daily beard care routine. A good beard oil will make your beard look and feel awesome.

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