Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil

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If you are looking for a beard oil which is completely natural and of the highest quality, leaving no artificial fragrance while helping sooth and nourish your skin and hair, then you can’t go wrong with this 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil from Leven Rose. Composed of nothing more than organic jojoba oil and organic Moroccan oil, there are no fillers, additives, parabens, or GMOs to be found.

Vegan friendly and in no way tested on animals, you can rest assured that your beard oil will give the best effect while remaining completely safe for you and the environment. Here we’ll be taking a look at this top-rated beard oil from Leven Rose, showing you exactly why it featured in GQ magazine as a prime choice for any modern man.

• Blend of 100% organic jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil
• Excellent moisturization
• Eliminates itchy skin
• Stops beard dandruff
• Powerful anti-oxidant which acts as tonic and thickener
• Soaks in quickly
• Long-lasting shelf life
• Customer satisfaction guarantee


• Considerably more expensive than plain jojoba oil
• Sub-par packaging

About Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil

Leven Rose has especially formulated a blend of organic jojoba and argan oil which is perfect to revitalizing and strengthening your beard. It gives you everything that you need to help correct and maintain the natural balance of oils which gives you beard a luster and shine, while also helping soothe the skin, preventing irritation, itchiness, and even ingrown hairs. It is the number one solution for unruly, wild beard hair, while smoothing out coarseness and helping stimulate the sebaceous glands.

No scent, no residue, just goodness

The oil will not stain light colored beard, nor does it leave a residue or scent. Thanks to being all natural, the oils absorb quickly and easily leaving no trace of oiliness or dampness. You have no chance of beard-druff occurring, no itchiness, and no rash. There is no easier way to keep your beard feeling soft, while the styling possibilities thanks to beard oil are invaluable. Split ends soon become a thing of the past, and you can say goodbye to frizz. Be sure to get yourself a good wooden beard comb, as well as stay away from plastic to prevent static.

Beat new beard itch

You will no longer suffer from new-beard itch when using this fantastic beard oil from Leven Rose. It is just as useful during the winter, preventing the severe dryness. Yet the oil is just as useful during warm weather. Despite having no fragrance/perfume, the plain oil scent keeps your beard fresh without being overbearing. The money-back customer satisfaction guarantee says it all. This is beard oil which delivers on every claim that it makes.

How long does it last?

Depending on your personal grooming habits, a single bottle can last you up to three months. Just a single drop is needed for most beards; however, those with well-established beards will find themselves going through a bottle a month, at the very most. It is highly recommended that you apply beard oil throughout the first eight months of growth, before allowing your hair nutrition to slack, ever-so-slightly. The first eight months are critical to forming a full beard with strong roots and there is nothing which promotes root growth better than beard oil.

Rapid results guaranteed

Most users report rapid results within just days of applying Leven Rose beard oil. Your beard will be easier to comb with absolutely no tangling. Without placing unnecessary strain on your roots, your beard growth is greatly promoted. Immediately you can notice a change in the softness, while skin irritation is brought to a halt as well. Thanks to having no synthetic additives and the perfect blend of oils for your beard, this product cannot clog your pores. It is completely healthy for you.

Dropper applicator type

A dropper applicator ensures that you make the most of your oil. Not very much is needed for treatment or styling. The difference that just one or two drops makes is phenomenal. Unlike with cheap beard oils, there is no artificial-looking shine left by this outstanding treatment from Leven Rose. Instead, your hair’s natural oils are allowed to thrive, bringing out the natural shine of your beard gradually and on a lasting basis.

No additional products necessary

Those with thicker, more developed beards may find themselves wanting a beard balm to help styling, however, most people who use the Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil find that they need no additional products. It is a comprehensive treatment which benefits the total health of your beard and skin, even helping to clear up conditions such as eczema, sunburn, allergies, razor burn, acne, and all forms of pimples.

Works great with balm

If you opt to use a balm, you will love the fact that this oil is unscented. It allows the full fragrance of your accompanying product to be brought out, while many users have commented that they love the fact that you aren’t forced into have a certain smell follow you all day due to applying beard oil.

It is so vital for the health of your beard that it is highly recommended that you apply at least beard oil to ensure smooth, even, rapid growth, however cheap oils will strip away the natural oil of your beard, while replacing it with a false, overbearing shine. Leven Rose beard oil[ is neutral, perfectly balanced, and versatile enough to be used with any other treatments which you may prefer.

100% natural – fantastic nourishment

The shelf life is nothing short of outstanding. Due to its 100% pure composition, it has a shelf life of two years. Softening and straightening your beard, Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil is among the best for those who are looking for a product which is extremely neutral, and very effective. Thanks to staying plain and unscented, you are welcome to add an essential oil of your preference if you want a scent.

Most prefer to use it as is. From beneath the beard skin hydration, to creating the perfect environment for hair growth to flourish, Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Beard Oil will not disappoint.

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