How To Use Beard Growth Oil

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Beard oil is a vital part of the facial hair care because it helps to reduce itching while softening and conditioning your beard. It also makes your beard smell and look nicer among other benefits. Using beard oil is easy and with time you will find that it will become a part of you once you get to know the basics. Knowing the perfect way to apply beard growth oil will assist you to achieve a healthy beard.

Having good beard growth oil is a good thing but it is not enough; you need to learn how to use it so that you reap the maximum benefits that are intended for you by the product manufacturer. There’s a certain way that you can use beard oil that can bring you unlimited benefits. You just need to get the technique right. Keep reading to find out.

How It Works

Most, if not all, beard oils contain pure argan oil and unrefined jojoba that enhances beard growth by moisturizing the skin that is underneath your beard naturally. This in turn removes dead skin cells and any other impediment to rapid facial hair growth. The beard oil penetrates the pores in your facial hair and stimulates speedy beard growth as well as enhancing the elasticity of your whiskers.

Beard growth oil has even more benefits because it contains vitamin E and naturally occurring antioxidants that strengthen your beard even further by repairing the damage done to the cellular membranes of your beard. A strong and resilient beard grows faster and for the beard to be strong and resilient it must be boosted by good beard oil.

How To Choose

Every product manufacturer can say that he has the best beard oil in the market but that is not necessarily true because not every company has the expertise to do so. Make sure that your beard oil contains either argan or jojoba as the first ingredients. The fewer the ingredients the better the beard oil.

Instructions On How To Use Beard Growth Oil

Apply beard oil to the face when you wake up; however, you need to wash your face first and dry it with a towel before you apply beard growth oil. Make this a habit so that it clicks on your mind every day and forms part of your going out regime. Warm water is the best for washing your face because it opens up pores in your skin and moist hairs absorb the beard oil readily.

You should avoid cheap shampoos by all means, as well as conditioners and body washes that strip your beard of its natural oils. As they say, cheap is expensive, so cheap shampoo and conditioner can reduce the effectiveness of beard growth oil. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a high quality shampoo and conditioner.

How Much Oil To Use

Pour just a small amount of oil into your hand, just about 2-3 drops; this is the average amount you should use. However, you can increase or reduce this amount depending on the length of your beard and also how dry it is. For a very short beard, even a single drop is enough, and the longer the beard the more drops of oil you should use. A very long beard can take up to six drops of oil or more.

Rub your hands together so that the beard growth oil thinly covers your palms and fingers and then run them through your beard downwards starting from the bottom of the chin and work around your beard into the skin of your face. You can apply some more oil if need be.

You should begin to feel softer and fully coated after you have applied enough oil and this effect should come immediately. After that you can comb your beard and mustache so that it looks more presentable and at the same time it helps spread the oil even more. You should not worry if your beard feels greasy after you have applied the oil because the oil is formulated to be absorbed quickly into the beard. Before you add any further products into your beard you should give it 5-10 minutes for the oil to be absorbed into the beard and facial hair.

How Often Should You Use Beard Oil?

You should use beard oil once or twice a day or anytime you have a midday shower or swim. Use it first thing in the morning after you wash it and in the evening. However, the frequency of your application of the beard oil is still dependent on the climate from where you reside and there are varying factors that come into play. If you have a shorter beard or you reside in a humid climate, you can use the beard oil once in a day. If you come from a climate which is drier, then you might have to use the beard oil several times every day.

For those people who use natural essential beard oils, the fragrance lasts relatively shorter than synthetic fragrance products. The scent is usually strong when you apply it and it gradually fades away as time goes by. Your nose will get used to the scent and this makes the scent less noticeable to you; you should consider checking with your friend to smell your scent before you add some more beard oil.

Technique For Pouring

Beard oils generally come in small bottles; different companies use different pouring mechanisms or caps. Most beard oil companies use bottles that have orifice reducers inside the bottle; this enables the user to easily dispense the beard oil.

It is tricky pouring beard oil, but it is definitely not impossible to regulate the flow of the beard oil from the bottle into the palm of your hand. Turn over the bottle and tap it into your open hand. The idea here is not to waste any oil as well as to prevent contamination of the oil. When using a bottle that has a dropper, make sure that you put the droplet into the center of your palm.

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