How Often to Use Beard Oil?

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While there is no substance which can directly promote hair growth, beard oils containing unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil create the perfect condition for hair to flourish. This translates to healthier hair which experiences far less breakage, which grants a fuller, thicker appearance, and a more reliable rate of hair growth.

The more frequently you apply beard oil, the more the sebaceous glands are stimulated, allowing your beard to be nourished naturally. You can apply beard oil as often as you want, although the minimum recommended is in the morning upon waking, and at night before bed. Here we’ll take you through a closer look at the benefits of applying beard oil at any particular time.

General Beard Oiling Advice

A little oil goes a long way. Most beards require little more than six drops of beard oil per day, three per treatment season (morning/night). This translates to a one-ounce bottle of beard oil giving you about one-hundred uses, or three months’ worth of supply.

Every beard is different and the amount of oil that you use is vastly determined by the condition of your beard, your surrounding environment, and your personal preference. However, to give you a starting point, here are our recommendations for beard oil use:

• New beard, up to one-month old – 2 to 4 drops, twice daily
• Young beard, one to three-months old – 3 to 6 drops, twice daily
• Established beard, three to twelve-months old – 5 to 8 drops, twice daily
• Aging beard, twelve-months old and above – 10 drops or more, twice to thrice daily

Always Oil Your Beard After Showering

A lot of the oils naturally present in your beard and skin are stripped away when showering. High water pressure in combination with chemicals present in soap, shampoos, and conditioners, will wash away your hair’s natural oils. Therefore, the best time to use beard oil is directly after bathing or showering. Not only will it moisturize and condition your beard, but it will improve the long-term growth, and the health of your skin.

Apply Beard Oil Overnight for Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry, cracked skin, then it is essential to apply a generous amount of beard oil before bedtime, allowing it to nourish your beard and skin overnight. Be sure to take a shower or wash your face at least so that your pores open up, allowing the beard oil to stimulate your sebaceous glands. You will also need to apply beard oil generously and leave it overnight, should you be trying to combat any form of fungal infection.

Apply Multiple Times a Day in Dry Areas

Your climate and immediate environment has a great effect on how often you need to apply beard oil. If it is extremely dry, then you will find yourself battle from tangles in your beard and brittle hair unless you apply beard oil three or more times a day. Simply putting it on in the morning and at night won’t cut it if the heat is escalating with humidity levels low.

Similarly, the harsh dryness of a frigid winter will also leave your beard seeking nourishment. You don’t always need to apply a lot of oil, just a drop or two should cut it to beat the dryness and prevent tangles and breaking.

Short Beards and Humid Climate Beard Care

In areas where it is generally humid, and for those with new, short beards, oil can be used as few as every few days. It is however far better to apply beard oil twice a day in order to promote the best health of your beard and skin, and the highest possible rate of growth.

Yet if it is particularly humid then try applying beard oil before going to bed at night. This will give the oils ample time to be absorbed by your follicles and pores, while not leaving the oil present to appear clammy during the high humidity of daily life.

Using Beard Oil to Deodorize

Beard oil can be especially useful during sporting practice or events, or any physical activity where you work up a sweat. Just a dab of beard oil applied lightly will keep your beard looking great and smelling fresh.

You are also far less likely to end up with clogged pores after a rigorous workout session thanks to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands which beard oil provides. Just take care to not apply your beard oil too liberally, just a touch at the half-way mark will do. As with deodorant or hair styling products, you don’t want to overdo things making your rigid self-care routine blatant after all!

Never Leave Your Beard Greasy

While oils such as jojoba used in beard oil closely mimic sebum which is found naturally in your hair, you should never apply so much that you leave your beard greasy. The oils will eventually be absorbed and there is no physiological downside to applying an excessive amount of oil, but you will look excessively groomed and greasy.

Work the oil all the way down to your skin and be sure to brush your beard until every last trace of a greasy residue is completely gone. This is also why you need to stay away from synthetic products and harsh cleaning agents. Your natural oils become stripped away, with the chemical byproducts clogging your pores as grease. None of this can happen when using a pure natural beard oil.

Apply Beard Oil Constantly Throughout the First Eight Months At Least

For the first eight months of growth, it is critical that you take good care of your beard. It is best to only trim stray hairs and to stop shaving completely. To prevent it from growing patchy, regular treatment with beard oil is highly recommended.

Push past the temptation to shave and instead liberally apply beard oil to take care of hair growth, patchy spots, dry skin, breakage, and more. If you trim continually then the thinner areas are allowed no time to fill in.

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