How Much Beard Oil to Use?

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The amount of beard oil that you use depends largely upon your preference for personal hygiene, and both the condition of your skin and the length of your beard. Those who are exposed to extreme dryness due to either sky-high temperatures with no humidity, or those in the freezing cold, will find themselves more frequently applying more beard oil.

The longer your beard, the more oil you need to apply, although the stage of growth also makes a difference. Beard oil should be applied generously from the moment that you decide to grow a beard. To help you gauge how much beard oil to use, we’ve evaluated a few popular beard styles and supplied pointers as to how much is needed for which effect.

The Bandholz

The Bandholz beard style was popularized by Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand – a leading influencer in corporate beard-focused brand building. In order to grow this iconic beard, best suited to triangular, oblong, and oval face shapes, you need to refrain from applying excessive treatment during the first four months; your beard needs to grow unkempt and patchy for four months until it reaches its maximum length.

A drop or two of beard oil after showering will do the trick for the first four months. From four months on, begin applying roughly double the amount of beard oil daily, while washing and brushing your beard. You can apply beard oil twice daily until your first cut at seven months, this is also when your beard will first be shaped. Once your Bandholz has been formed, apply beard oil thrice daily, or whenever is necessary to keep it in touch.

The Balbo

A small, short beard such as ‘The Balbo’ popularized by Robert Downey Jr., needs as little as one application of beard oil per day. Just a drop of beard oil after bathing or showering will keep your beard in good shape while guaranteeing good health for your skin. Alternatively, keep your beard oil with you for when your Balbo needs a slight touch up.

A Full Beard

If you are going for a full beard, then you can apply beard oil as frequently as you wish from the start. Apply morning and night, as well as adding a little at lunch, to guarantee the optimal production of your hair’s natural oils, while promoting good hair growth as well. A full beard can use as little as two drops a day, with your eventual expectations being around ten drops to fifteen drops per day, if using five each time that you soothe your face and rejuvenate your beard.

A Normal Beard

A regular beard needs to be treated with about three to six drops of beard oil, at least twice a day. Three times a day is recommended, but most find that their beard is in far better condition after using just six drops after showering. Applying up to six drops thrice daily will give you the best rate of hair growth, while guaranteeing that your regular beard looks and feels great.

Long Stubble

When growing your beard to a long stubble, be sure to apply beard oil as frequently as necessary to soothe your skin and prevent any dryness or itchiness from occurring. During the first few weeks without shaving, your hair can grow brittle. Ensure that it is treated frequently with one to two drops of beard oil and you will grow your beard to long stubble with no issues or agitation.

General Beard Care Advice

Regardless of your individual beard style, there are certain factors to keep in mind in order to give yourself the best-looking beard, healthiest skin, and best beard growth rate.

Short beards

Apply one drop, twice a day a minimum to moisturize the skin and smooth out stubble. Application also prevents rash and flaking from occurring

Medium-length beards

Apply three to six drops, twice a day to guarantee that your skin stays smooth and natural oil production continues without blocked pores

Long beards

Apply five to eight drops, twice a day. You can begin to apply more frequently as you notice your beard or skin becoming dry or damaged

Bushy, long beards

Ten drops or more will be needed to coat the entirety of a thick, long beard. The more lavish your beard, the more frequent the treatment needed to penetrate to your roots and keep the hair and skin hydrated. Three or more treatments with beard oil should be carried out daily

There is No Such Thing As ‘Too Much Beard Oil’

Beard oil gets naturally absorbed by your skin and hair follicles. A pure, completely organic beard oil will all be absorbed eventually, no matter how much you apply, with no excess being capable of causing anything but good health for your hair and face. Now this does not mean that you should lather your beard full of beard oil at every opportunity that you get because a little goes a long way.

Always make sure that you have worked all of the beard oil used into every section of your beard, all the way towards the roots. There should be no residue left over. Your beard should be left dry and smooth, far more manageable than when you started.

Other Uses for Beard Oil

Tangles stand no chance against beard oil. Simply apply a drop to your hands and work it into the area which is tangled. After a few moments and some light brushing, you’ll witness the amazing detangling properties of a good beard oil for yourself. You can also use this versatile product as both a pre-shave oil, and a shave oil.

Scented varieties are not only good for the health of your skin and beard, but leave you smelling as if you are wearing cologne without any synthetic chemicals or additives being present. It is always a good idea to keep a bottle of beard oil with you for those times when you exert yourself and need a pleasant scented beard refresher, or when your beard has simply become too unruly and you need to bring it under control.

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