Grave Before Shave Beard Oil Review

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If you are a beardsman already or you are thinking of growing one, then you will want to become familiar with beard oil. It’s the one product that can take your manly mane from a bit of messy  to looking unbelievably soft and shiny.

What’s more, a good Beard oil can help prevent unwanted “beardruff” as we like to call it and stop that itchy, scratchy sensation that can all too often accompany a beard. So we’ve hand picked one of our favorites for you today in our Grave Before Shave beard oil review.

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil

Grave Before Shave is one of those new breeds of men’s grooming brands that has recently exploded onto the scene, fueled by the current trend for facial hair. The company branding is undoubtedly different and definitely very masculine. Rather than appealing to the trendy hipster type who’s jumped on the beard bandwagon, this range is going to appeal to a real man’s man!

The kind who probably started to grow a beard aged 12 and casts a shadow by 4pm every day so has given up and just embraced his inner Grizzly Adams! The brand is brought to you from Fisticuffs, a Los Angeles based company, who pride themselves on being a little bit different. Not unlike the man who this range is going to appeal to.

They take their inspiration from the motorcycle club culture associated with Southern California, and that really shows in the attention to detail and stylized packaging they’ve developed. The range is extensive, with beard oils being just one of their product lines.

Even within that line-up, there is a significant choice with a variety of potent blends featuring different essential aromatics. With everything from their Aphrodisiac, Tequila Lemon, Caramel Mocha to a Bourbon scent being available. We love the classic smell of this citrus and rosemary beard oil that’s zingy and refreshing with a pleasant rather than overpowering aroma.

In total there are currently 10 different scents of beard oils that you can choose from and with pricing and branding this good, why not invest in them all as they will certainly look stylish and make quite a statement displayed on that bedside table or your bathroom shelf. It’s a range that says a MAN lives here!

Who is this product for?

We honestly believe that a beard oil is an essential product for anyone with facial hair who wants to look groomed and still retain their manliness without being overly preened! The Grave before Shave range is extensive and all characterized by uniquely designed artwork which has more than a nod to your inner Hell’s Angel! For the Rock and Roller among you, it most certainly is.

The packaging is super cool and will look the business proudly displayed on your bathroom shelf. That said, the products also work well and are excellent at maintaining an unruly beard and maintaining that manly mane. So if you have a beard that you are proud of but you also happen to be a bit of a rebel at heart, then you are just going to love the branding, ethos and the results of the Grave Before Shave Beard Oil.

What’s included?

You get a 1oz bottle of beard oil presented in a glass bottle with a targeted precision pipette dispenser. All the containers are uniquely labeled with illustrations that make real collectible items. We think that the Grave before Shave range will look awesome lined up on a bathroom shelf.

Overview of key features

  • Contains all natural ingredients that have been uniquely selected and blended to deliver outstanding conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening properties.
  • A choice of up to 10 different scented blends that all contain skin soothing aloe vera.
  • Smooths and soothes facial hair and delivers unparalleled shine and manageability.
  • Further treats the surface of the skin underneath the facial hair to prevent “beardruff” in growing hairs and acne.
  • Helps to stimulate and promote healthier, thicker and fuller facial hair.
  • Pleasant and uplifting citrus and rosemary aroma that’s not too overpowering.
  • Easy to administer targeted pipette dispenser for on the spot application with no waste. Also handily features a tight bottle cap to prevent unwanted spillage.
  • All Grave Before Shave Beard Oils contain a blend of tea tree oil, pure apricot oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, as well as selected essential oils which provide the product’s unique and distinctive scents. The oil is effective at delivering benefits both for your hair and for your skin.


Still a fan of the Grave Before Shave range and love that iconic and distinctive branding but don’t really want an oil? How about trying out one of their Beard Balms instead? This convenient dual pack gives you a chance to try out two of their most popular balms which have been hand poured into funky little cans with a screw off top that are easy to transport. Apply like you would a wax to your hair and use to tame any flyaway strands and rogue beard hairs throughout the day for a perfectly groomed mustache or beard.


We recommend the Grave Before Shave Beard Oil as a quality, cost-effective and uniquely packaged product that looks as good as it performs. If you’re not entirely sure which of their 10 different scents will suit your own personal preferences, then they do also offer a sampler pack which is an excellent choice for anyone new to the brand or keen to try out different scent sensations.

For most average guys this beard oil is going to be perfectly adequate and really help maintain shine, softness, and manageability. If you have a very thick and coarse beard, then you might need to go for something a little bit more heavy duty. It’s fantastic on short beards, comes in exciting and intoxicating aromas and for its branding and packaging, really can’t be beaten.

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