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Why Use Beard Oil?

Picture of bearded man with hands around his beard.

Whether you’ve been sporting a beard for years now or are just picking up on this latest trend in facial hair, then you’ll soon become familiar with beard oil and it’s many uses. While strictly speaking it’s by no means essential, it most certainly does have a tone of positive benefits that you, your beard, […]

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Beard Oil Versus Beard Butter

Picture of well dressed full bearded man

For the uninitiated among you in the ways of male grooming and specifically the reasons why you need to be using a beard oil or a beard butter in the first place, you are in for an educated treat today as we investigate and discover which is better. You might already have your own preference […]

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Is Beard Oil Necessary: Six Amazing Reasons You May Need It

Picture of bearded man with comb to his beard.

Even after growing a beard for a few years or even decades, many men aren’t aware of the difference that beard oil can make in their life. Why would they need something that they went this long without, anyway? Anyone who hasn’t yet tried beard oil is likely to feel this way, and it might […]

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Is Beard Oil Worth It?

Picture of mature full bearded man

In terms of finding out if a product works or not, it is almost always best to try it out first for yourself. Why?, because a product can have many different effects depending on the individual user that tries it. When it comes to men’s grooming products, one product that has greatly risen in popularity […]

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