Can Beard Oil Grow Beards? Find Out What Really Works and What Doesn’t

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There are many men around the world who use beard oil and other beard-specific products to keep their beards looking great, feeling soft, and smelling amazing. Other men want to grow a fuller or longer beard and are left wondering: “Can beard oil grow beards?” “Can it help make patchy beards fuller?” and “Can it do more than just soften the beard hairs?”

All of these questions can be hard to answer if you don’t know much about beard oil or how it works. Let’s explore the answers so that you can learn if beard oil is right for you!

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Before we discuss whether or not beard oil can grow a beard, let’s talk about what beard oil actually does.

Most beard oils are formulated to moisturize the skin underneath your beard and your beard hairs so that you have a more attractive, softer, and shinier beard. Additionally, beard oils help prevent redness, dry skin, and itchiness that can result from your beard drawing oils away from your face.

Regular use of beard oils can also help beards stay strong and in better overall condition. Most people find that adding a beard oil to their daily routine is very easy, and the use of such oils is becoming more and more common.

Do Beard Oils Actually Work?

Unfortunately, beard oil cannot directly cause beard growth. In fact, there are really no beard growth products out there that have been proven to cause beard hair to grow.

While that’s unfortunate for anyone who doesn’t have genetics on their side when it comes to beard growth, there are still some benefits to using beard oil that can help your beard to become fuller and more attractive.

1. Healthier Skin, Healthier Beard

If you can grow a beard, but it looks dull or tangled, your beard may have hidden potential. The secret lies underneath the beard: your skin!

Remember that your beard grows out of your skin. That may sound like a silly, obvious statement, but some people forget that the skin and the skin’s relationship to their beard can actually have a large effect on how the beard looks.

By using a beard oil or other beard products to get underneath your beard and restore the balance of oils in your skin, you are benefitting more than just the hair follicles. Your skin will get softer, less dry, and healthier.

From healthy skin comes a healthy beard, so by applying beard oil to repair your skin, it will help you have a fuller, healthier looking beard even if it cannot cause your hair to actually grow longer.

2. Relaxes Hair

Many people who start using beard oil get the impression that their beard is getting extra-long after using the products for just a few weeks. While it would be nice if beard oil could boost growth like that, it’s just not possible.

So, what’s happening when these people believe that their beards are getting longer? The beard oil is conditioning and relaxing the beard hairs.

Many men who grow beards find that while the hair on their head is straight, their beard hairs are curly or kinky. This kinky appearance can look messy if not tended to and can even be itchy.

When you use beard oil or beard conditioner regularly, the hair is more moisturized and often gets heavier. This extra weight causes a slight lengthening of the hair, as the curliness is relaxed out. For that reason, some people find that their beard seems to get longer rapidly when they begin to use beard oil!

3. Clears the Path for Growth

While it cannot be said that any single beard oil directly causes beards to grow longer, it can be said that beard oils have a number of effects that can open the door to better beard growth.

There are some men out there who believe they can’t grow in a full or long beard, but they might not realize that the condition of their skin is actually hindering them from this future. That’s right. If your skin isn’t taken care of properly, your beard will not be able to grow properly, either.

In particular, beard oils can help treat the following situations:

  • Prevent clogged pores: Some are formulated with ingredients that release clogged up pores which can then prevent dryness and acne.
  • Reduce fungal infections: If not cleaned or taken care of properly, the skin under your beard can be a growth ground for fungal infections. Beard oils fix this and thus improve your skin
  • Healthy hair growth: Hair can only grow healthily if the skin and pores are healthy, so taking care of your skin helps make it easier for hair to grow in

As you can see from these points, using a beard oil regularly can definitely set the road for growing in a beard. It’s not proven that this will make any miracles happen, but you can certainly see an improvement in your beard condition if you begin taking good care of it.

How Can I Grow a Beard?

If you’re suffering from hair loss, patchy hair growth, or another type of pattern baldness, there may be medical solutions out there for you that would help encourage hair growth. While over-the-counter beard oils cannot fix this problem for you, science might be able to.

In particular, there are some topical drugs that have growth steroids in them to encourage hair growth. However, there are some risky, possible side effects of these drugs, so you should talk to a dermatologist or doctor about the benefits and potential risks of using them.

Not for Beard Growth, but Worth It

Can beard oil grow beards? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that using a beard oil isn’t worth it. Beard oils have a considerable range of benefits, and some of those benefits could even help you to have healthier skin which could promote healthy and full beard growth.

If you are serious about wanting to grow your facial hair to the fullest but haven’t been able to do so, talk to your doctors about topical or hormonal supplements that may help you claim the bushy face you have always dreamed of.

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