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Beard oil functions as a beard conditioner, but did you also know that certain beard oils can help improve the growth of your beard? Even though nothing can change the speed at which your hair grows, beard oils which have pure argan oil and unrefined jojoba help create a much healthier beard growth, which means your beard won’t break as often and it will also increase the thickness. Let’s have a look at the best beard oil for growth.

Best Beard Oil Growth Reviews

Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL

Beard Flux XL is the only beard oil that maximizes beard growth naturally and keeps your beard looking it’s best all the time. It is important to nourish and maintain your beard once it starts to grow-in and you have to do it properly. Beard Flux XL is the best beard oil. While using this beard oil you will not only be impressed by the fast growth of your beard but also realize how soon it starts to happen.


This product contains no fragrances, fillers, parabens or GMO. It is best when used after showering and while the beard is slightly damp.

Benefits of Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL

Beard Flux XL contains ingredients that are highly selective to maximize beard growth and volume. It also helps you to achieve a great looking beard that is healthy and dense and one that will make you feel like your beard is one of a kind. You should try Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL which is infused with caffeine for rapid beard growth.

Be the king

There is no doubt that a great beard works wonders on one’s masculinity and with Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL you can rule the world in terms of having a fantastic looking beard. This is the only product on the market that maximizes beard growth and at the same time conditions your beard.

Top ingredients

Jojoba, Algan, Amla among other oils, make up the core of Delta Genesis Beard Flux XL. These are all natural ingredients and you should feel good while using it.

Features and details

  • It is pure and organic.
  • It provides your beard with what it needs: fuel to maximize natural growth.
  • It promotes and encourages growth of healthy facial hair through its unique facial formula.

Beard Farmer

There is no doubt that all good things hardly come easy and a good beard is one of them. To grow a beard and have it looking spectacular can be hard work, but not for Beard Farmer. They know the answer to this problem, and thanks to them, thousands of people around the world now understand the way forward in terms of nurturing their beards through Beard Farmers’ products.


Growther XT is a product made by Beard Farmer; it is ranked highly as a beard growth enhancing product and it is also a successor to Growther, the great product for beard growth also made by Beard Farmer. It is a version that is enhanced with additional benefits like AAKG and a fresh scent. It is 100% pure beard oil and after washing or showering you can leave it in. It moisturizes, enhances and conditions growth of a longer, good looking beard. The difference is noticeable from the first day that you use it; longer faster growth, fuller beard, richer texture and a more manageable hair.

Features and details

  • It has unparalleled customer service.
  • It is all natural oils that is proven, trusted and tested.
  • Your beard grows super fast.

Important information

Instructions; Must be well shaken before use; rub in 3-5 drops of Growther XT into your skin and beard.

Legal disclaimer

Read labels, directions and warnings before use; also the actual product packaging may contain more information than what is on the website.


This is a men’s beard oil. It is a natural and unscented beard growth oil for thicker and fuller beards. It is the best mustache conditioner softener that is also organic.

Picture of Beardbrand Beard Growth Oil Bottle
This is the best beard oil that is formulated for men who pride themselves on a healthy beard. It is a organic, fragrance free, natural beard oil that is carefully formulated for you and one that is appropriate for all types of skins including sensitive skin. Beardcraft is also an unscented beard oil and one that absorbs instantly and never leaves any residue. It is a fantastic product when it comes to making beards look thicker and fuller.

This is still the best beard oil for men out in the market for promoting beard growth, soothing dry skin and conditioning hair. Beardcraft is confident that they have the best beard growth product in the market and for that reason they don’t hesitate to refund your money if you don’t feel the same way about their product.

Features and details

Includes a mustache and beard growth oil conditioner and softener. This beard oil helps to stimulate hair growth as well as acts as a leave-in softener and conditioner to stop irritation, itchiness and irritation. It is totally unscented, meaning that it is fragrance free without a residue or heavy scent.

This is pure organic beard growth essence. It has Argania Spinosa and is also allergen-free and natural. This beard oil has a moisturizing effect on your hair and skin and thus promotes more manageable and softer beards.

Important information    


  • Kernel oil and Argania Spinosa.

Instructions for use

For skin: apply a few drops and make sure that the face is cleansed. For maximum effect apply twice a day, morning and evening, and once you apply it, massage gently into the skin.

For hair: while hair is wet or even dry, apply a few drops on the hairs’ ends. Make sure that you use it sparingly because just a few drops are sufficient.

Legal information

This product is meant for external use only and you should by all means avoid direct contact to mouth and eyes. You should discontinue use if irritation occurs; this product should be kept away from children.


Beard oils do help with growth but it also depend on the nature of your beard. Essentially, you just need to apply the oil once a day. All the beard oils we have listed are considered the best beard oils and will help improve your beard growth.

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