Beard Oil Vs. Beard Balm

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If you sport a beard, the most common question on your mind is whether to use beard oil or beard balm. Most people are of the opinion that they are more or less the same, but this is definitely not true. While a beard balm is made from sealants and moisturizers, beard oil contains a variety of carrier oils and essential oils.

The market is saturated with many products which purport a myriad of results. However, when two products have exactly the same effects, it becomes quite difficult for consumers to choose one. Choosing between beard oil and beard balm relies heavily on the consumer’s personal preference, but there are few considerations which must be kept in mind.

Beard Balm

A beard balm helps in shaping and styling the beard, and it also serves as a moisturizer. It is like a leave-in beard conditioner which moisturizes the facial hair while making the beard look thicker. The product is widely used because of its styling purposes, as it helps in keeping the shape of the beard intact for long periods of time.

To achieve the best results, the beard balms with synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly should avoided. They can possibly aggravate your skin and do more harm than good because of their chemical nature. However, the beard balm with natural sealants such as lanolin, shea butter, and beeswax is absolutely harmless because of the natural ingredients and will easily perform fantastic styling functions.

For those with a thin or patchy beard, using a shea butter beard balm is highly recommended, as it makes the facial hair appear thicker. Apart from natural sealants, make certain that the beard balm also contains moisturizers like argan oil or jojoba oil. The sealants alone will seal the dryness and make the beard prone to breakage, so these moisturizers are a very important element of a good beard balm.

How to Use Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a conditioner plus moisturizer for your facial hair that serves a number of styling purposes, too. It is for people who want their beards to look thicker and well-styled while they are out and about moving through their daily routine. Using an all- natural beard soap for washing your beard will bring about the best results with a beard balm.

Scrape off a little bit of beard balm and rub it between your palms. Now, you need to run your fingers through the beard starting from the neck and moving all the way to the tip of the beard. Make sure that you also rub it on the skin where the beard grows, as this provides nourishment to the facial hair at the roots. Run your fingers through your beard from top to bottom so that the balm is evenly distributed throughout your beard and around the hair follicles as well.

Beard Oil

This simple-to-use moisturizer comes in a pump or bottle and nourishes the skin under the hair. Apart from this, it will also reduce itching, get rid of beardruff, soften the facial hair, and create conditions which will facilitate the healthy growth of the beard. For the most desirable results, one must always use beard oil which contains argan oil or jojoba oil, as both of them have a longer shelf life and are the best moisturizers.

Apart from giving your beard a soft and refined look, beard oil will also act as a fragrance and cologne. Always look for beard oil which doesn’t have the scent of artificial oil, but rather has the blend of fragrances characteristic of the original essential oils. While essential oils are naturally distilled, the other fragrance oils come with harmful chemicals which can potentially destroy your beard.

Using beard oil is a natural and healthy way to maintain the splendid look of your beard. By keeping your beard moisturized and protecting the hair follicles on your facial skin, this oil will help in reducing the dryness and itching. Acne and patchy beards can also be alleviated using high quality beard oil made from a combination of carrier oils and essential oils.

How to Use Beard Oil?

Before you actually get the hang of the beard oil application process, it appears to be quite complicated. First of all, you need to towel-dry your beard so that there is no leftover moisture in it after a shower. We all know that oil and water never mix well. However, do leave it slightly damp so that oil can easily replace the water allowing the hair follicles to absorb more of it.

Now, pour a few drops into your palm and gently massage the beard with it. Because the beard oil has a very non-greasy feel, you might be tempted to pour more, but never use more than what’s actually needed. If you are treating dry skin, make sure that you rub the oil all the way down to the skin. The oil should always be evenly distributed throughout the skin, and after the application you can comb the beard to style it.

Which One is the Best?

Beard balm made from synthetic sealants should never be an option. However, all-natural beard balm and beard oil are quite useful for the beard. They are relatively similar in their functions and qualities, but the beard oil definitely comes with more utility. It is made from the best essential oils and not only acts as a skin moisturizer, but styles the beard properly as well.

There is still the risk of dry skin or beard damage using beard balm, but beard oil doesn’t come with any side effects and only has some astounding benefits to offer. It nourishes the hair follicles and prevents the pores from clogging, giving you a refreshed and clean look. Moreover, people with long beards find it easier to work with beard oil as compared to a beard balm.

So sport your favorite beard look all day long and see how you win accolades from all the people around you.

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