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Welcome to the Mad Beard Shop

The Mad Beard Shop is here to make it easy for you to find the the Best Beard Care Products available to  Protect Your Beard, Grow Your Beard and Tame Your Beard.

Our primary goal is to provide Beardsman with interesting, informative and educational content about the bearded lifestyle. We’re here to help you find the right product.

We also include information and tips on how to care for and maintain your beard. It is our goal to find you the Best products, on the market, brought to you by Amazon.com to care for your beard. The Mad Beard Shop will save you a lot of time not having to research and compare all of the available beard care products to make you look and feel better.

How Do We Find The Best Beard Oils to Review?

We wanted to find out what are the most popular and widely available beard oils around. To accomplish this task, we made a list of every oil that scored at least 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon (of which we are a affiliate) with a sample size of at least 100 reviews, With so many options now available, what’s really good? Which beard oils are actually worth investing in, and which beard oils will just leave your beard itchy and or greasy? We enlisted the help of some our bearded colleagues and friends to try out a numerous different beard oil brands and report back to us on their own experiences. Then we did another round, searching the web for consumer reviews and participated on beard forums, getting their opinions on their favorite beard oils and why they use them.

We realize Amazon isn’t perfect when it comes to reviews.

To validate this, we only took into consideration Amazon verified purchases reviews posted while doing our research.   This filters out any spamming.

Simply put, we did legwork for you in order to both save you the time and hassle of the research so you can get on your way to growing a healthy beard.

Beard maintenance is very important and your beard will love you for caring for it, so don’t take this task lightly, because there is really a lot more to growing a beard than simply not shaving.​

At The Mad Beard Shop, we are always looking for and reviewing new and quality products for your beard.

Please come back and visit us often and keep updated on new reviews and tips for caring for your beard.

We encourage you to comment and express your opinion. We really want to know what’s on your mind.

And remember: Don’t Fear the Beard!


Don't Fear the Beard