Is Beard Oil Worth It?

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In terms of finding out if a product works or not, it is almost always best to try it out first for yourself. Why?, because a product can have many different effects depending on the individual user that tries it.

When it comes to men’s grooming products, one product that has greatly risen in popularity over the past few years is beard oil, with many people wanting to know if it actually works and is beard oil worth it?

Many have praised its effectiveness saying it’s a product you can’t live without, and that it can drastically improve any beard whether short or long. This is due to the moisturizing and conditioning power that these oils give, and so many companies have started to produce them to fill the increase in desire from customers. In this article we will, therefore, have a deeper look at beard oil and discuss its overall effectiveness!

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your chin needs to be looked after and looked after well. By not giving it some attention through grooming products, and simply shaving and re-growing, you’re missing out.

Nowadays, there are so many products on the market which are specifically created to improve the overall health and condition of the hairs, as well as the skin, and beard oil is one of those products which can do so much!

Beard oil is known to be a very effective product that can work wonders for your skin and hair. It has worked for many men out there who praise it time and time again, and who have only ever had positive results.

Those who have not had good experiences have perhaps used a product that was of lower quality and which didn’t contain the key ingredients that the more specialized formulas include. Some of the very best reasons why Beard Oil would be worth the investment are noted below:

Controls Beardruff

One of the worst things a beard can endure is the dreaded ‘beardruff’. Yes, even our beards suffer from dandruff, and yes, there is a solution. Beardruff occurs when the hair follicles have started to dry up and there is no sebum oil left to moisturize them.

Therefore as you can imagine, rubbing in a little beard oil in once in a while will start to remoisturize the skin and hair follicles, meaning there is less chance of beardruff occurring. This is because the nutrients and vitamins present in the oil help the skin from drying out and then keep it well conditioned.

Of course, together with beard oil, other essential maintenance needs to be kept, such as washing the beard properly and often enough so that it doesn’t fall into a dry and unhealthy state.

Makes Beards Thicker and Fuller

One of the very best reasons beard oil is worth it is the fact it actually increases the volume and appearance of beards overall. As briefly mentioned, after rubbing the good stuff into the skin, over time it helps to regrow the hair follicles to a healthier state than they previously were, thanks to the addition of healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Once the follicles are stimulated on a regular basis, this will start increasing the blood flow to them and hence make them stronger. After continued use of beard oil, the beard will start to look and feel a lot fuller than it does when using nothing. Not only will your beard start to look more voluminous, but it will also look less ragged and better groomed.

Reduces irritation

Irritated skin is definitely one of the cons of growing and having a beard, and sometimes the irritation that occurs after shaving or from the hairs mixing with minor skin issues can cause you problems.

This is where beard oil can actually do some good as it helps reduce irritation altogether. How? Well, thanks to the anti-inflammatory ingredients which most formulas include, this helps to fight the signs of irritation before they even occur.

Unlike slapping on some cologne after shaving, using a good quality beard oil helps to calm the skin down and prevent it from flagging up in a rash. This is definitely a selling point of many brands of beard oil, and a reason why many people purchase it.

Is Beard Oil Effective for me?

If you have a beard which is showing some slight signs of dryness, or perhaps some of the dreaded beardruff, then it’s maybe time to start looking at options. The best way to see if beard oil works for you is simply to give it a try.

If you are thinking about purchasing your first bottle, keep in mind that there are many cheap beard oils out there that are mass produced and which include harsh and cheap chemicals that only mirror good quality ingredients.

A decent bottle of beard oil is likely to cost anywhere from $20 upwards, and will generally last for several weeks to months of use. Anything less than that should be viewed with caution as it may not actually do the job that it promises, and these are likely the ones that are not worth investing in as they won’t necessarily do much.

Final Verdict

Overall, beard oils are definitely proven to be effective for most men. Their popularity has risen drastically due to the increase in people taking better care of themselves and thanks to the rise in social media perfection, influencers promoting products and companies jumping on the bandwagon to create new products that people desire nowadays.

Beard Oil is definitely one of those products that you would want if you care about the overall health of your skin and the health of your hair. If you want to keep your beard in the best condition it can possibly be, then by adding a bottle of good quality beard oil to your daily routine you are taking the first step to increase your beard game.

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